Jenna + Caleb


These two… I literally didn’t even have to coach them at all for their pictures. They were NATURALS. Jenna is the type of woman who is “cool, calm, and collected.” She admires her husband as he becomes the father that God created him to be, and she fully trusts his leadership. Caleb is a sweet, funny, and caring man to his wife and son. He leads his family with faith, and energy which is admirable for other men to follow. Their son, Clayton, is just an amazing mix of the two. 

I loved asking these two love birds how they met. It all started at Bill’s Auto in Kingsburg, California. And the rest is their story to tell! They have been married now for over a year, and they just welcomed their baby son a few months ago. Their combined love for the Lord and each other is something you can hope for in your own marriage. Their patience is incredible. Their trust is never-ending. 

I admire many aspects of their marriage, and I want them to know that. I was able to really capture their love + their personality during their family session, and it was something to cherish. Thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer! 




Breanna Miller

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