Welcome, Baby Kaiden James!


Welcome to the world, Kaiden James! Your mama endured days of labor. It was blood, sweat, and tears. It is crazy to think, that the nine months mothers grow children in their wombs, they create a certain bond with their unborn child. Morgan has been a calm and gentle soul since I have connected with her, and I have to say, her son is exactly like her. Sure she said the first few nights were rough, and quite an adjustment, but that is how we grow as mothers. 

I was blessed to cross paths with the Reynolds family throughout my journey as a photographer. I quickly grew to love her mother, Cindy, who is a great role model to her daughter. She is smart, wise, and “don’t take crap from no one!” I LIKE IT. She stayed with Morgan for days as she labored in the hospital, after an induction was not as quick as your typical experience! It was admirable, through all the hours of lost sleep, how amazing she was to Morgan and myself. Her father, Kevin,  a Fresno firefighter, who was on the Ferguson Fire out in Yosemite was able to come home and be in the O.R. with Morgan and Cindy while she delivered Kaiden via C-Section. I bet both of them were so thrilled and blessed to see their grandson be brought into this world. Kevin was so sweet, and loving when I met him. They are my kind of people. I ended up hanging out with them for HOURS in postpartum, and I am so glad they didn’t kick me out! 

I got to be in the room when the lactation consultant came in for the first time to help Morgan nurse her new son. And what an experience it is to watch another mommy do what God created her to do. I was so thankful to hear Morgan recommend that I get a few breastfeeding photos for her, because it is such a HUGE part of motherhood. We grow our child in our womb for nine months, and we strive to provide for them outside the womb. Whether it be breast milk, or formula, our children are the fruits of our labor. The bonding I was able to witness was something I can’t explain to others, and if you are a mother, you KNOW. 

In this experience, I feel like I truly gained an amazing friend and family out of the Reynolds clan. I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me in to your lives, family, and Home. My prayers are for continued growth, and strength. Being a mom is one of the best things in the world. Congratulations mama! 




Breanna Miller

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