How much time do you give us?

We will get real acquainted and hang out until we either get tired of each other, or we run out of creativity! Timing people is stressful, and let’s be honest, it takes away from the moment I’m trying to capture. I will say my typical session lasts about an hour, but some have gone for an hour and a half.


Can I wear multiple outfits?

Of course you can. Just please keep in mind, we do not have all day to take photos, so please keep the additional outfits to a minimum!


What happens if I can’t get my kids to behave?

I get it. Before you feel like a bad mom, I 100000000% believe in the power of bribery. But really, if your child is having a meltdown, let them! Nothing is worse than forcing your unwilling child to take a picture. We can focus on different parts of the family, and then attempt it again. If it REALLY doesn’t work, i’ll most likely ask you if you are okay with natural images, of your child walking around, playing with the grass, or just being a kid. (even if they’re crying lol)


How do you deliver images?

I deliver images over an online gallery host, called PIXIESET. You can literally download your entire gallery with the click of a mouse. ONE SINGLE CLICK. Or if you choose to, you can burn a few extra calories and download each image individually! Weddings though, will receive a CUSTOM flash drive with your entire gallery on it. I also recently added a printed album complimentary to many session types!


How do you get my partner to be more comfortable in front of the camera?

Sometimes its easier to get *men* to handle taking pictures better if they get a chance to talk during your session. I do my best to keep a good conversation through the duration of our time together. I am genuinely interested in you, so I will ask plenty of personal questions that allow them to become more comfortable with me, and allow them to open up a little bit. Also, I ask you to take a deep breath and understand that I am capturing a moment, not a perfect image!


When can I expect to get my images returned?

I like to stay on top of my work, so lifestyle sessions typically are returned digitally within one week, and weddings are digitally returned within 4-6 weeks.



Still have concerns?

Contact me right here!